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The Most Essential Alexa Skills

Updated 1 May 2018 286 votes 29 voters

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From simple tasks like setting a timer to more complicated productivity skills, Amazon's Alexa has proven quite essential in the digital age. Long gone are the days we have to repeat things to Siri, as Alexa comes readily available for a wide range of skills to help you through your daily life. Whether you need help getting started on that new diet or simply need her to remind you of your meetings, Alexa has you covered.

With so many skills to choose from, and new ones being added on the regular, most might ask which skills are truly helpful and which are not. While the most essential Alexa skills depend on how you use them as well as what you do day to day, there's a select few that really get the job done—no matter what it may be. Of course, Amazon Prime members can reap even more benefits!

Check out the list of helpful and even essential Alexa skills below, all of which are ready to go on Amazon. Be sure to vote up the best ones and down vote those you don't see as useful.

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