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The Best Alien Characters of All Time

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List RulesCharacters from outer space.

There have been plenty of characters from outer space in film and television, but which ones were the best alien characters of all time? For this poll fans have gathered a list of the greatest aliens of all time, featuring aliens you know from movies, television, video games, and more. But if your favorite fictional alien is missing, don't be salty—just add it to the list so that other people can vote for it too!

What comes to your mind when you think of an alien? Do you think of the non-speaking xenomorph from the Alien franchise or the super-intelligent Spock from Star Trek? What about Superman? Did you forget about his alien origins? After all, he’s from Krypton and not Kansas—not really anyways.

For fans of The Simpsons, the best alien characters are perhaps also the funniest, speaking of Kang and Kodos of course. Many of these great alien characters have transcended their media and become pop culture icons. For example, many people know about the Predator character without ever even having seen Predator.

So vote for what you think are the best alien characters on all time, no matter what media format they originally appeared on. And at least these alien characters won't ever actually abduct you.
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