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The Best Alien Video Games of All Time

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Aliens: Always weird, always invading, and always fun to laser blast in defense of Earth. There are so many alien games that figuring out the best alien games of all time is an almost impossible task. Luckily, this list of alien games is ranked by savvy gamers just like you. For sci-fi action, games about aliens are always a surefire way to get people on board, and nobody can resist these alien video games. Vote up your favorites or downvote the ones that didn't quite do it for you. 

One of the most popular game series about aliens is the Half-Life series, which revolutionized the first person shooter and created techniques that are still used in development today. And then, of course, there's the first person shooter that every gamer has played: Doom. If you're looking for more strategy and tactical battle against aliens, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is definitely going to be your jam.

So take a look at our huge list of alien games and vote up the best of the best! If there are any great alien games missing, go ahead and add them. And if you've got a lot of opinions about this list, why not rerank and share your own version of this alien game list?