The Best Alien Movies for Kids

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Is your kid interested in everything out of this world? Do they have constellations hanging in their room and stars pinned up on the wall? Then check out this list of the best movies about aliens for kids!

Thanks to the work of organizations like NASA and SpaceX, we know more about space than ever before. Every exciting new development makes kids (and some adults) wonder what else could possibly be out there. It's no surprise that Hollywood has a long tradition of making movies about visitors from outer space.

It can sometimes be hard to find appropriate alien movies for kids. Don't believe me? Google "alien movie" and watch the first thing that comes up. However, while some alien movies are full of chestbursters and xenomorphs, there are others that tell fun, appropriate stories for little kids, and are just as entertaining in their own way.

So whether your kid is looking for a cuddly little alien buddy like in Flight of the Navigator, or a high-stakes battle against the dark side of the force, there's something here for you. Vote for your favorite movies, and add anything we're missing.