The Best Alien Movies Streaming On Netflix

Looking for good alien movies on Netflix? Then you're in the right spot, be sure to vote up yoour favorites so other fans know what to watch. Extraterrestrials are out there, and by "there" we mean on Netflix. Here are the best alien movies on Netflix, ranked by movie fans like you. Netflix has made it difficult to search for movies by genre, but luckily for you we've got the top-rated Netflix alien movies listed below. Some of these alien films streaming on Netflix take place on Earth, while others are set in space. While both of those can be considered funny alien movies, there are also plenty of alien action and drama movies streaming on Netflix as well.

Alien movies on Netflix include everything from comedy to drama to animation! Both new and classic alien movies are currently streaming on Netflix, so whether you like modern or older alien movies, the streaming service as you covered. 

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