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The Best Alien Superheroes of All Time

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List RulesSuperheroes from other planets that have appeared in comics.

What is it about aliens that makes them such good super heroes? Is it because it's so easy to give them super powers? Is it that they view our world with an outside perspective that lets us view our morality with fresh eyes? Whatever it is, the best alien superheroes have become a huge part of our popular culture. The most iconic of their ranks, Superman, was created as the embodiment of America at the turn of the last country. He was a refugee from a far-away land who grew up to hold dear all the ideals that America offered the world. It was a statement about ourselves and America's place in the world.

Soon, Superman wasn't the only the alien superhero in our cosmic neighborhood. The Green Lantern Corps alone is one of the most diverse institutions in comics, to the point where it features an alien squirrel who can kick butt with the best of them. The Guardians of the Galaxy are some of the strangest characters out there, but they're also some of the most sympathetic. Alien characters let comics move away from Earth-based stories into something more colorful and ultimately more original. After all, there are only so many human characters you can have before red skinned aliens who vomit blood start to find an audience.

But even with all the strange physical and cultural quirks, many of these alien superheroes are extremely relatable. After all, Kilowog is just another drill sergeant with a heart of gold. Silver Surfer is filled with guilt and self-loathing over what could be considered the worst job ever. Even Supergirl lives in the shadow of a famous relative and has to constantly prove her worth to the world. Heck, Mar-Vell developed cancer in one of the most controversial stories in all of comics.

Just because you have super powers doesn't mean you're immune to emotional strife. And at the end of the day, that's why we love these characters. Because alien or not, they're just as human as we are. So check out the ranking of the best alien superheroes below and consider vote for the ones that most deserve the top spots.

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