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The Best Aliens Comic Book Series, Ranked

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Every Aliens comic book series, ranked by fans everywhere. Debuting in 1979, the first Xenomorph comic (titled Alien: The Illustrated Story) was a graphic novel adaption of the original movie. While the comic was a major success, it would be roughly 10 years before Dark Horse Comics took up the mantle and started publishing new series.

Whether you prefer Aliens comics that center on standalone missions or like to see your favorite Xenomporphs face-off with Predators and other intergalactic villains, the best Xenomorph comics feature awesome storylines, gruesome plots, and insatiable aliens. How many of these epic series have you read?

Be sure to vote up your favorite Aliens comic series so new readers can issue which issues to read first. Is your favorite Xenomorph comic missing? Add it to the list below.

  • 1

    Dark Horse Comics, 1989 - 1990

    Wilks, Billie, and Bueller are the only survivors of a massive attack on the Alien's homeworld. They are refugees once they return to their solar system, but something horrifying awaits them.

  • 2

    Dark Horse Comics, 1992

    A retelling of the events of Aliens from Newt's perspective. It draws heavy influence from James Cameron's screenplay, and it is a must-have for any collection.

  • 3

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993 - 1994

    Dr. Paul Church studies Aliens to learn more about their behavior. An Alien goes missing, and Anthony Crespi believes it may not have been an accident. 

  • 4

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    Selkirk is forced at gunpoint to abandon his ship. Selkirk, along with the captain, end up on a small planet with some dreadful cargo they may not be able to escape.

  • 5

    Dark Horse Comics, 1988 - 1989

    A salvage crew is stopped in space by seemingly unstoppable monsters. Hicks and Newt soon find themselves on a new mission to destroy the Aliens' homeworld.

  • 6

    Heavy Metal Communications, 1979

    A graphic novel adaptation of Alien. It was the very first graphic novel based on the Alien franchise to come to fruition. 

  • 7

    Dark Horse Comics, 1991 - 1992

    Earth has been ravaged by Xenomorphs, but one billionaire wants to lead an expedition directly to the Alien homeworld. Meanwhile, athletes are using a powerful new drug called Fire, and everyone wants to get their hands on it.

  • 8

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    A short story where an Alien throws an egg on the grill for a good meal. An anonymous monologue occurs as the reader sees the egg hatching and thrown on the grill by a humongous Alien creature. 

  • 9

    Dark Horse Comics, 1992

    A comic book adaptation of Alien 3. The comics have never been reprinted or collected.

  • 10

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    Ann McKay lives on an isolated planet with just her and a Xenomorph. However, she soon finds the planet's inhabitants and discovers that they are hiding a terrible secret from her.

  • 11

    Dark Horse Comics, 1990

    Aliens dominate Earth, but that won't stop Hicks and Newt from trying to free the planet. An old friend comes out of hiding to help them on their mission to defeat the Xenomorphs once and for all. 

  • 12

    Dark Horse Comics, 1992

    Gill's goal is to infiltrate an Alien hive to gain the Queen's royal jelly. However, a powerful corporation wants exactly what they're seeking, so Gill soon finds herself in the crosshairs of Aliens and big business. 

  • 13

    Dark Horse Comics, 1990

    A two-part comic book series featuring a wealthy explorer and his team traveling off to an alien world. They encounter an Alien tomb and encounter the deadly Xenomorphs.

  • 14

    Dark Horse Comics, 1990 - 1991

    Three Marines were left behind in space. The comrades left them behind to deal with an Alien infestation in a police precinct, and with a nuclear countdown underway, they must act quickly if they want to survive.

  • 15

    Dark Horse Comics, 1991

    The President of the United States is called to meet with a Space Jockey who is terraforming Earth. The meeting turns out to be an assassination attempt with the goal of freeing humanity.

  • 16

    Dark Horse Comics, 1992

    An anthology series that collects all of the Alien short stories published up until that point. The top talents of the comic book industry are in full display here in a gorgeous 112-page book. 

  • 17

    Dark Horse Comics, 1992

    A peaceful settlement suddenly becomes overrun with mercenaries. It is up to Ash Parnall to deal with the outsiders and to protect their way of life.

  • 18

    Dark Horse Comics, 1992

    Earth has become infested with Xenomorphs. People live on the moon, but they're all haunted by terrifying dreams of the Aliens.

  • 19

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993 - 1994

    Lt. Henry is put in command of a squad of the worst Marines in the sector, who have the job of checking in on the toxic waste dump. However, their mission goes from bad to worse when they discover Xenomorphs have taken over the dump. 

  • 20

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    Ernst Kleist wants to breed Xenomorphs into something more useful, outside of ordinary human control. His workers begin to disappear one by one, and Kray and Palmer may be the only ones who can make it out alive.

  • 21

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993 - 1994

    A small pocket of humanity survived the Xenomorph infestation. Minecorp is eager to find out why one small town was spared from the Alien attack.

  • 22

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    A Particle Plasma Projector can vaporize any Alien. However, when hundreds are on your tail, how much good will it really do?

  • 23

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    Gerald Coile is a world-class Alien-product smuggler. However, without any retirement benefits, he sets up shop with the Drug Enforcement Agency, which he soon discovers comes with a major downside. 

  • 24

    Dark Horse Comics, 1994

    Suom is the only person who has seen a Reaper and lived. He must find a way to conquer the beast before it kills him.

  • 25

    Dark Horse Comics, 1994

    A composer wants to hatch an Alien egg so that he can nurture it and do away with its violent nature. Unfortunately, procuring the egg proves a lot harder than he realized.