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The Best All Wheel Drive Cars of All Time, Ranked

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Behold: This list of the best all-wheel-drive cars is the first in the history of mankind to include both an AMC station wagon and a million-dollar Bugatti. You'll find both of these alongside turbocharged sedans and V8 super-cars; tiny hatchbacks and massive V-12 Lamborghinis; cars made of solid carbon fiber, and those made mostly of wood. You'll even see not one, but two mid-engined, hybrid, all-wheel drive Porsches--produced 117 years apart.

Indeed, this collection of awesome all-wheel-drive cars must cover some of the widest ground possible for any list of automobiles imaginable. Practically every automobile manufacturer from Lamboghini to Oldsmobile, Peugot to Tesla, Bentley to Ford has dabbled in high-performance AWD cars from time to time. And this list of the best AWD cars is growing by the day, as hybrids and electric cars gain traction, entering the hypercar realm to help put more and more power to the ground.

There's almost no keeping up in the 21st century. But we've still got more than a century prior of mind-bending and road-clawing all-wheel-drive supercars to chose from. Rank your favorite, and let's finally sort out which all-wheel-drive car is the best ever produced...for now. 

(NOTE: For this list, we're imposing a production limit of at least 50 cars. That means no purpose-built race cars, concept cars, Group B rally homologations or Lamborghini vanity projects.)