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Great Gator Names For Pet Alligators Or Any Crocodiles Invading Your Swamp

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Whether you own a pet alligator or live somewhere crocodiles are a common sight, they're the kind of creatures that deserve a good name. This list of crocodile and alligator names is an excellent jumping-off point to christen any croc. Even though alligators and crocodiles are very different creatures (the simplest difference between the two is gators like freshwater and crocs like salt water), they're both big water-dwelling lizards with toothy smiles.

Alligators and crocodiles aren't the best pets for everyone, even if baby alligators are exceptionally cute reptiles. Your ability to keep a crocodile or alligator as a pet will also depend on where you live and what the local laws are. Most people encounter gators and crocs is when one has claimed a local water feature as their domain - which is all the more reason they deserve a name, they're a neighbor now.

Vote up the best names for an alligator or crocodile that has entered your life, and add any names these cool Crocodilia deserve.

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