All the Aloysius Pendergast Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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Aloysius Pendergast, the charming Southern stoic whose intellectual prowess allows him to dazzle everyone from vagabonds to skilled doctors, has captivated audiences since his first appearance in the 1995 techno-thriller Relic. The best Pendergast books are instantly engaging with intricate plots that keep readers invested from the beginning to the end as Pendergast solves murders, investigates mad scientists, and more. Here, you'll find all Pendergast books ranked from best to worst by your votes!

Co-authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child created an instant hit with the series. When horror and sci-fi elements combine with the classic mystery novel, this helps carve a niche in the literary world. It's no wonder installments like Reliquary have spent time on the bestseller list. All the books below have their own unique strengths and fascinating plots, so scroll down for some reading recommendations! 

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