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The angsty and emo hits are back with a vengeance, as many of the biggest alternative bands of the 2000s and 2010s are making their long-awaited comeback to thrill fans with new rocking music to satisfy an itch that has been there for decades. Bands like Paramore, Pierce the Veil, and Fall Out Boy already have stellar songs released, while emo legends My Chemical Romance are teasing a new album to release this year, so alt fans are eating well in the new year, as we are going to see the best alternative songs of 2023 not only hit that nostalgia fans have been dying for but revolutionize the genre as a whole. Last year was just the beginning of the alternative revolution, and 2023 is aiming to take it to never before seen heights.

From the most acclaimed and adored rock outfits of all time like Paramore and Fall Out Boy making their long-awaited returns to music with songs “C'est Comme Ca” and “Love From the Other Side,” respectively, to the brightest up-and-coming groups in the alternative scene like Viagra Boys releasing heartbreaking gems like “It Ain't Enough," the alternative music scene reached a new golden age in the 2020s. With catchy, heartwarming, heartbreaking, ragey, and passionate songs that can touch every possible feeling, alt songs are ready for their takeover yet again, and with so many albums and singles still on the way, things are only going to get better and better as the year goes on.

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  • kisses


    11 votes

    "Kisses", a stunningly beautiful track by Slowdive, released in June 2023, has proven itself to be a fresh leap into the band's discography. Serving as the lead single to the album Everything Is Alive, this track has been lauded as "yet another great shoegaze song," further intensifying Slowdive's foothold in the genre. The lyrics, with phrases like "Tell me, 'You're the best thing,' I tell you, 'That's what you need,'" bespeak an intimate and evocative narrative, offering listeners a deeply emotional discourse layered over the band's characteristically ethereal soundscapes.

  • Countdown To Shutdown

    Countdown To Shutdown

    The Hives
    11 votes

    Deftly released on June 13, 2023, "Countdown to Shutdown" by Swedish rock band, The Hives, marks an explosive second single from their album, The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons. Characterized by its energetic rhythm and vibrant lyrics that mirror a ticking time bomb, it’s a track that flashes a raw, garage-rock essence, true to the band's audacious style. With an accompanying music video showcasing a riotous boardroom meeting gone astray, this tune is a bold statement of the band's return after an 11-year hiatus, reigniting the rock n' roll flames in fans worldwide.

  • Show Me How

    Show Me How

    Foo Fighters
    10 votes

    "Show Me How," a haunting rock ballad by the legendary Foo Fighters, was released on May 25, 2023 as the third single from their album But Here We Are. Remarkably, this melancholic melody sees frontman Dave Grohl share vocal duties with his daughter, Violet Grohl, infusing the track with an emotive layer of intimacy and resulting in a serene piece of art that stands out in the band's repertoire.

  • Welcome to the DCC

    Welcome to the DCC

    Nothing But Thieves
    10 votes

    "Welcome to the DCC," a track by UK band Nothing But Thieves from their 2023 album Dead Club City, propels listeners into an electrifying narrative with its grippingly powerful vocals and edgy instrumentals. The single encapsulates a sonic journey through a perfect city where dreams can come to life, marking a mature and thought-provoking progression in the band’s music catalog that continues to engage and captivate their fans worldwide.

  • Redlight (ft. Teezo Touchdown)

    Redlight (ft. Teezo Touchdown)

    9 votes

    "Redlight," a collaborative single by BETWEEN FRIENDS featuring Teezo Touchdown, released in May 2023, offers a chillwave backdrop to its introspective tale of post-breakup reflections. The song stands as a lively, unfiltered pop anthem that harmoniously merges the bedroom pop sensibilities of BETWEEN FRIENDS with Teezo Touchdown's distinctive style, stirring up musical echoes of artists like MGMT and No Doubt.

  • The Glass

    The Glass

    Foo Fighters
    18 votes

    "The Glass" is a heartfelt track released by Foo Fighters as part of their 2023 album But Here We Are. The lyrics reflect the pain of separation after losing someone, the song is metaphorically relating the fragility of relationships to glass. With its lyrical depth and artists' personal emotion resonating, "The Glass" quickly made an impact, becoming a favorite among fans.