The Best AMC Original Shows

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TV shows that were created by and originally aired on AMC. Vote up the best AMC original series.

AMC is a very popular cable and satellite TV channel that originally took its name from "American Movie Classics." In recent years the station has revamped its programming, turning to more modern era movies, TV shows and miniseries. It originally launched in 1984 but began taking the major shift to reach more viewers over the past decade. Its original series have played a huge role in that shift. What are the best AMC original shows?
AMC has recently produced a number of series that have reached a loyal fan base and raked in the awards. When AMC began programming in the 80s they didn’t even have original series. They have more than made up for the lack for original programming now by bringing viewers some of the most popular series on modern television!
This list features the best AMC original series, ranked by the community, including, "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead," "Mad Men," and "Hell on Wheels." Vote up the best AMC original shows below and see how the shows you think are the best rank. Then, check out the best AMC+ original shows.