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List of the best American beers includes some of the best microbrews and widely distributed beers from the US. While Europeans boast tradition and history through their brewing styles and conventions, America boasts pride through audacity, strength, and sheer mass of numbers. Beer is as American as baseball, as could even say that beer is as American as America. Here we have compiled, for your viewing and voting pleasure, the top American brews list. 

American beers are as diverse as their people, with favorites like Anchor Brewery's Anchor Steam beer having as low as 4.8 abv, to brews with obscenely high alcohol content such as Bruery's Chocolate Rain, which boasts a whopping 19.5 abv. Most craft beers in America rank high in alcohol content, seeming to say something of the attitude of Americans in general.

What are your favorite American beers? Many have not been included in this list since the massive amounts of diverse beers would literally drown the page, though users are free to add their favorite beers from America to the list of greatest American beers. So what makes a good American beer? How does American brewing compare to European beers? Favorite types of beer vary greatly, but which American type appeals to the major populace? Submit and vote to turn your opinion into fact!
Most divisive: Stone IPA
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