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The Best Civil War Paintings

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Between the springs of 1861 and 1865, the American Civil War ravaged the South and the East, changing the still-young country forever. Although photos of the Civil War are well-known, thanks to their familiar format, there were also many paintings of the Civil War. These striking images created both during the war and after, can offer an emotional balance to the sometimes stark photography we often associate with the war.

Winslow Homer, sent by Harper's Bazaar to the frontlines, might have created the bulk Civil War paintings. Capturing both quiet moments such as Pitching Quoits and battles like Skirmish in the Wilderness, Homer's paintings also range from painted sketches to carefully rendered pieces. Homer didn't have the monopoly on Civil War paintings, with others such as the Albert Bierstadts landscape-forward works, the spare panoramas of Conrad Wise Chapman and the more formal compositions of Julian Scott.

There are so many great Civil War paintings, but which images of the American Civil War are the best? Vote up the great paintings that captured the event.

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