The Best American Foods

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “As American as apple pie.” Despite sounding so, well, American, its origins can be traced back to England. That’s because so much of American culture is appropriated from dozens of different cultures due to our cultural melting pot. So when it comes to American food, many American food staples have a history in other countries. Yet these tasty foods have become quintessential American dishes. Still, there are many foods (like corn dogs!) that originated in the USA.

Some of the foods on this list came from other countries and eventually evolved into what we know today, such as the cheeseburger. Other foods on this list are designed to seem like they’re from other countries but were actually created in America, like fortune cookies. Many of the foods on this list are tied to American traditions, like s’mores with camping and hot dogs with cookouts. Often, traditional American foods are tied to a certain state or region, like the Philly cheesesteak or Chicago deep dish pizza. 

What are the best American foods? This list features the tastiest foods that are considered American and are deeply tied to US traditions. If your favorite American dish or US food specialty isn't on this list of American foods, make sure to add it to show your pride for food and country.

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