The Most Adorable American Girl Dolls Throughout History

When it comes to the best American Girl toys, there are plenty of great dolls that would make a perfect friend for the favorite girl in your life. Ever since 1986, American Girl has been releasing a line of toys that go far beyond the average dolls. The dolls you'll meet here each come with their own book and are specifically designed to inspire girls from every walk of life. From future astronauts to girls growing up in a wide variety of different eras in American history, each doll comes with plenty of lessons about history, life skills, or both. 

Browse through this list of American Girl Dolls and meet some of the most popular American Girl characters of all time, from 2019 all the way back in time to 1764. Which are the best American Girl Dolls? You get to decide! Just select your favorite dolls below and give them an upvote so they can move to the top of the list! 

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  • Josefina Montoya
    Photo: paul_tm1764 / Ebay
    • Lives in: 1824
    • First released: 1997
    • Collection: Historical Characters/BeForever Collection

    If you'd like to teach your child more about their Hispanic roots or simply Latinx culture and history, then Josefina has got you covered. Growing up in the early 1800's, she lives on a rancho in New Mexico and must come to terms with the passing of her mother. Her story is full of resilience, fun, and the importance of the mixing traditions old and new. 


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  • Samantha Parkington
    Photo: Amazon
    • Lives in: 1904
    • First released: 1986
    • Collection: Historical Characters/BeForever Collection

    One of the first three American Girl dolls, a mint condition Samantha is now worth around $4,000. Rest assured, however, that she's enjoyed many re-releases and her latest incarnation can be purchased for less than $100 if you're planning to give her to a child. Born in the late 1800's, Molly is an orphan growing up in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. Raised by her rich grandmother, she defies convention when she strikes up a friendship with a servant girl named Nellie O'Malley and the two teach each other lessons that are enough to restore anyone's faith in humanity. 

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  • Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
    Photo: amshep1975 / Ebay
    • Lives in: 1934
    • First released: 2000
    • Collection: Historical Characters/Beforever Collection

    Though Kitt lived through the Great Depression, she was always looking for ways to help her family. A perfect doll for any tomboy, Kitt loves playing baseball and hanging out with the boys who she knows are "always up to something." She also loves writing, reporting, reading, and adventures. The perfect companion for any girl with a can-do attitude, she's always full of clever ideas and loves bringing hope to others, even during hard times. 

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    Rebecca Rubin
    Photo: mercari
    • Lives in: 1914
    • First released: 2009
    • Collection: Historical Figures/BeForever Collection

    Rebecca and her tale are great ways to teach girls about the history of U.S. immigration. Growing up in NYC's Lower East Side, Rebecca attempts to hep her poor Russian-Jewish immigrant family bring in extra cash. Though she dreams of someday becoming an actress like her cousin, she faces the pressure of her family's desire for her be more lady-like and the realities of depending on hand-me-down clothes from her sisters. She's a great example for any girl of tenacity and chasing your dreams.


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    Addy Walker
    Photo: Mercari
    • Lives in: 1864
    • First released: 1993
    • Collection: Historical Characters/Beforever Collection

    The first African American AG doll ever released is also one of the most inspirational. Addy was born into slavery in the 1800's during the Civil War era. When her father and brother are sold away, she and her mother decide to escape to freedom in Philadelphia. Even when she arrives in the North, however, she discovers that life will be far from easy. A tale of kindness, strength, and bravery, Addy's tale is one that every girl should hear. Her doll even comes with an authentic outfit from 1864. 

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    Photo: Mercari
    • Lives in: 1764
    • First released: 2002
    • Collection: Historical Characters/BeForever Collection

    Though she was first released in 2002, Kaya'aton'my (or Kaya) is also receives the honor of being known as the true first American Girl due ot her Native American heritage. Her gorgeous faux-deerskin outfit and rich tale are a great way to teach kids about the rich history of the first Americans. Kaya is a member of the Nez Perce tribe and her story includes lessons on learning from your mistakes and the importance of heritage as passed down from one generation to the next.  


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