The Best American Movies

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Only American movies. No movies about other things.

What is more American than American Pie? I don't know, how about a little something called An American Tail? Or even An American Tail: Fievel Goes West? Just kidding, the term is "apple pie," but this list isn't about apples. It's about American movies. What makes a movie so American that it belongs on this list? Just one thing: It has the word "American" in the title. That is literally the only prerequisite.

Wow, look at all these great American movies. Which ones are the best? On this list, you will find such Oscar winners as American Beauty and also cult favorites like Wet Hot American Summer and American Psycho. Also on this list is American Sniper, which some people liked. And also An American Werewolf in London, which is really good if you haven't seen it. All of the American Pie movies that came out in theaters are on this list, too! But not the direct-to-DVD ones, because they were terrible and who has time for that.

Are you planning to celebrate America by watching some good American movies? Some good times to watch films with American in the title include Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th (AKA "Independence Day"), any U.S. President's birthday, your own birthday, or any other day. What a fun theme for a movie marathon! Please vote up your favorite American movies.
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