The Best 'American Ninja Warrior' Winners, Ranked

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Fans of American Ninja Warrior know that the winning competitors have almost preternatural athletic and endurance skills. They've all beat records and qualified for the Japanese competitive sports special Sasuke, but who are the best American Ninja Warrior winners? Help decide below!

The winning competitors are more properly called "The Last Ninja Standing" as Kanzenseiha, or Total Victory, over the brutal course is incredibly difficult to achieve. It wasn't until season seven that Geoff Britten and Isaac Caldiero became the first American Ninja Warrior and achieved Total Victory, clearing the Final Stage within the time limit. The path to Mount Midoriyama is grueling and competitors must pass city qualifying and finals courses, with only the top 15 competitors moving on to the National Finals. Both the city courses and Mount Midoriyama itself test agility, overall strength, upper body strength, and speed. Winners truly earn the title of Last Ninja Standing, but who has achieved the most complete domination? Vote the best ninjas to the top!

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    Joe Moravsky

    Winner: Season 6 and 9 (2014 and 2017)
    Won As: Last Ninja Standing, failed Stage 3.

    Occupation: Meteorologist

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    Drew Drechsel

    Winner: Season 8, 10 & 11 (2016, 2018, 2019)
    Won As: Last Ninja Standing, failing Stage 3 in seasons 8 and 10. Completed Stage 4 in 27.33 seconds in season 11, earning Total Victory as American Ninja Warrior.

    Occupation: Gym owner

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    Daniel Gil

    Winner: Season 12 (2020)
    Won As: Winner of the Power Tower bracket.

    Occupation: Motivational Speaker

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    Isaac Caldiero

    Winner: Season 7 (2015)
    Won As: American Ninja Warrior, completed Stage 4 in 26.14 seconds, recieving the full prize money of $1,000,000.

    Occupation: Professional rock climber

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    Kaden Lebsack

    Winner: Season 13 (2021), Season 14 (2022)
    Won As: Last Ninja Standing twice, failed Stage 4 twice. 

    Occupation: High School Sophomore

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    Geoff Britten

    Winner: Season 7 (2015)
    Won As: American Ninja Warrior, completed Stage 4 in 29.65 seconds, unofficially recieving the title of "First American Ninja Warrior" to be the first to climb the tower.

    Occupation: Cameraman

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