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The Best American Revolution Paintings

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The United States of America has only been a nation since it declared Independence from Britain in 1776, but that Declaration of Independence would be nothing were it not for the world-changing conflict it launched. Within short order, the former British Colonies united to call themselves the USA and King George wasn't about to let that go without a fight! Between 1775 and 1783, the United States and Great Britain fought a war, which came to be known the American Revolutionary War, or sometimes, the War for American Independence.

During the conflict and now, many years later, artists have put their paint to canvas to depict the various battles and the men and women embroiled within them. The conflict was fought on land and at sea with many of those scenes painted by some of the most talented artists of the day. Of particular note is Emanuel Leutze's famous painting of Washington crossing the Deleware, but other artists such as John Trumbull captured some of the most important aspects of the war in their paintings, which are good representations of the people and places of the time. 

With more than 240 years of classic artwork supporting the various points of view of the conflict, there have been some beautiful and impressive paintings made. Of the many thousands of representations of that great conflict, these are arguably the best. Don't forget to vote for your favorite down below!

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