The Best American Rivers for Rafting

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This is a ranked list of the US rivers for rafting as voted on by men and women. These rivers include some beautiful yet adventurous bodies of water in America. such as Deschutes River, Dead River, Gauley River, and American River are some of the top rivers for rafting in the US. All rivers fit a different class of white water which denotes how dangerous the river can be. The higher the class, the more dangerous the river is.  Class 4 and up rapids should be sought with caution and experience, rather than by novice rafters. This list answers the question, “what are the best US rivers for rafting?” The best rivers for tourists and adventure-seekers to visit and have an exciting time river rafting.Those seeking extensive thrills on a class 4 or 5 river, or first-time rafters alike can utilize the list to help them find the best US river for their rafting experience. These ranked rivers in every part of the country and provide and accessible rafting experience no matter where you live. As traveler looking for the US’ best rafting you might ask yourself, “Where are the US’ best rivers for rafting?”. Well here we have compiled a list of the very rivers for rafting.

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