The Best "American" TV Shows

America! The red white and blue and television shows. That is the saying, right? In any case, there are lots of American TV shows, in the sense that they have the actual word "American" right there in their title in the TV guide. Most are also made in the US, for American audiences, though maybe people in New Zealand also like American Dad, who can be sure. All this list is here to tell you is that there are lots of American television shows and these are the best of them.

"Isn't it all just American Idol and American Gladiators and Real American Housewives or whatever other reality nonsense?" you're probably thinking. No, not at all. There is also The Americans, which is about spies! Spies! Then you have good American TV series like American Horror Story, which is pretty scary, but has Lady Gaga and American treasure Jessica Lange. Also on this American shows list is Fievel's American Tails. You might be thinking that was just an American movie, but come on, it's Hollywood. They'll make a TV show out of anything at all!

Vote up the best American shows listed here or even add some more, as long as the word "American" is in the name of the show. Just "America" isn't good enough; only true "American" series. Otherwise the Founding Fathers will be very upset.
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