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Best American vehicles: This is a list of all top rated US vehicles, 2010. As reported by Consumer Reports, these are the best US vehicles. The survey was conducted to decide on the top American made vehicles in 13 different categories- small car, family sedan, upscale sedan, luxury sedan, sports car, muscle car, small SUV, compact sporty SUV, midsized SUV, large SUV, luxury SUV, minivan and pickup truck. Of these best American vehicles, General Motors captured six of the 13 slots. Ford Focus SES and Chevrolet Corvette Z06 are among the best American cars.

Mercury Milan Hybrid

The Lincoln MKZ, initially named the Lincoln Zephyr, is a mid-size luxury car from the Lincoln Motor Company division of the Ford Motor Company. The MKZ was the first of the "MK"-series of Lincoln luxury vehicles, and has since been followed by the MKX crossover, MKS full-size sedan, MKT full-size crossover and MKC compact crossover. A hybrid version was launched in the U.S. market in September 2010. The MKZ Hybrid was the first hybrid vehicle in the market priced the same as the standard gasoline-engine version. Since 2008, the MKZ has been Lincoln's best selling vehicle. ...more on Wikipedia

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