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The Best Amnesia Anime of All Time

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List of the best amnesia anime, voted on by Ranker's anime community. This may not be the most popular genre of Japanese animation, but all of these shows are worth checking out if you're looking for something new to watch. This poll includes video clips of each show, so if you haven't seen one you can watch it right here on this page. Have you looked at this list yet? Maybe you've forgotten how amazing all of these anime are. They're all about people who are trying to remember who they are, so remember to watch them! The shows that are listed may have different sub-genres, but they're all about amnesia in one way or another.

Elfen Lied and Angel Beats! are included on this list. What is the greatest amnesia anime of all time? Scroll down and find out for yourself!
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    Golden Time (MBS, 2013) is a Japanese romantic comedy anime series based on the light novel written by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Eji Komatsu from J.C.Staff animation studio. After losing his memories from a tragic accident, a law school student meets the beautiful, yet obsessive, Kouko Kaga, and their chance meeting marks the beginning of an unforgettable year....  more
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    Angel Beats! (P.A. Works, 2010) is a Japanese supernatural anime series. In a realm within the afterlife, a band of teens fight to keep from being taken to the next level....  more
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    Elfen Lied (Arms, 2004) is a Japanese supernatural horror anime series based on the manga series by Lynn Okamoto. Two university students come across a seemingly harmless girl named Lucy, unaware that she's actually a mutant serial killer with a split personality....  more
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    The story revolves around a first-year high school student, Teiichi Niiya who had just enrolled at Seikyou Private Academy. When he gets lost in one of the school's old building, he meets a girl named Yuuko Kanoe who reveals herself as a ghost with no memories. Teiichi then decides to investigate her death by looking through the school's seven mysteries revolving around her. Throughout the story, Teiichi and Yuuko discover the truth about these ghost stories and help those who are troubled....  more
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