The Best We Got Married Couples

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Since the introduction of the Korean reality TV series We Got Married on MBC, the couples featured on the show have been a hot topic. To see a couple meet for the first time and see them become a married couple is most interesting indeed. Many of the relationships on We Got Married were closely followed by fans in Korea and abroad, but which couples who met on the show are the fans' favorites?

The most important thing fans looked for in a We Got Married couple was, and is, chemistry. Are they acting? Are they really falling in love? These couples really got television fans talking. Some of these couples on We Got Married, we wish would date in real life and some of them we wished we could skip over. Which couple did you enjoy the most on We Got Married? This gallery includes photos of each couple, so vote for the best couples below!
Photo: MBC

  • 1. Joy & Yook Sungjae

    Joy & Yook Sungjae
    Photo: We Got Married / MBC
    11,276 votes
  • 2. Song JaeRim & Kim SoEun

    Song JaeRim & Kim SoEun
    Photo: We Got Married / MBC
    10,091 votes
  • 3. Taemin & Son NaEun

    Taemin & Son NaEun
    Photo: We Got Married / MBC
    7,508 votes
  • 4. Eric Nam & Solar

    Eric Nam & Solar
    Photo: We Got Married / MBC
    5,787 votes
  • 5. Nichkhun & Victoria

    Nichkhun & Victoria
    Photo: We Got Married / MBC
    6,726 votes
  • 6. Hong JongHyun & Yura

    Hong JongHyun & Yura
    Photo: We Got Married / MBC
    7,296 votes