The Best VR Apps And Games For Android

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Calling all Android users: We’re ranking all the best VR Android apps right now. Virtual reality is no longer something reserved for science fiction movies. Day after day, it's steadily becoming more mainstream. You can now purchase equipment to play VR video games in the comfort of your own home. While this technology is still developing, it's incredibly exciting going into the future. You can get a taste of what's to come by checking out the best Android VR games and apps. Who would’ve thought that one day we’d be playing legit VR games on our phones?

If you're looking for a fun Android VR game to play, then you may want to try out InCell VR. As you take on the role of a defender who has been placed inside the human body, it's your duty to fight off the flu. It's a fantastic educational game for kids who want to learn more about the human body. And if you're looking to go beyond simple virtual reality games, there are other kinds of free VR Android apps where you can watch videos and do a lot of other fun stuff with your phone. Did we mention a bunch of these are free (if you don't include Google Cardboard and other Android-compatible headsets, which are needed for all these games and apps)?

How many of these apps have you tried? Vote up your favorite VR apps and games for Android, and vote down all the ones you tried but preferred to stay grounded in actual reality.