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The Best Angus Young Guitar Solos Of All Time

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Ranking the best Angus Young guitar solos of all time is a difficult feat. Practically every AC/DC song includes a blistering solo, thanks in large part to the band's historic emphasis on the legendary guitarist as its front man (both during the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson years). Nearly 50 years since the group's launch, Young is still in the studio and doing his famed duck walk dance onstage today, so suffice to say, the catalogue of solo choices is unfathomably deep. 

While some of Young's best cadenzas achieve this status due to their pure ferocity, many too have gone down in history for their interaction with other elements of the songs they share. The guitar solos in "Thunderstruck" and "Let There Be Rock" are two noteworthy giants which meet both these criteria. But, regardless of why the segments on this list are included, they all share one commonality: they are among Angus Young's best moments throughout the expansive AC/DC discography.

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Album and date on each song refers to American releases.