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The Best Animal Characters in Anime

List RulesOnly real animals that exist in nature.

Whether it's shonen or slice of life, every great anime has at least one animal character in it! For this poll we're ranking the greatest anime animals of all time, including anime pets, and regular characters who do not have an owner. There are plenty of great talking animals in anime, including Chopper in One Piece, Gamabunta in Naruto, and DBZ's Puar the cat. Those characters will go head to head against other great animals in anime, such as Ein the data dog in Cowboy Bebop, or Fuu's pet squirrel Momo in Samurai Champloo.

It doesn't matter if you like them for their cuteness or their crazy abilities- we want you to vote up your favorite animal anime characters, regardless of the reason. Want to inject your opinion into this list even further than just voting? Add your own suggestions to the list, and check back to see how many people agreed (or disagreed) with your choices.
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List Rules: Only real animals that exist in nature.