The Best Live Action Animal Movies for Kids

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What are the best animal movies for kids? This list of great live animal movies for children includes some of the most classic, iconic movies in cinema history. Many of them, not surprisingly, rank among the best children's movies and films of all time, and several are Disney live action movies, as well. Which ones are your favorites, and which ones do you believe are the most appropriate for youngsters? Time to vote! That way the best family animal movie will make it to the top of the list.

Many of the greatest animal movies ever made are geared, at least in part, towards children. From the loveable, wonderful, Academy Award-winning Babe to the adventures of one of the cinema's greatest pooches, Benji, live action animal movies have entertained generations of children over the decades.

Obviously, any list of the best animal movies for children must include the animals (perhaps the greatest dog movies?) From Beethoven to Air Bud and Disney's The Shaggy Dog, these pooches gave their all with their outstanding performances, all of our entertainment.

But it isn't just the dogs who should get all the credit: Several films on this list are among the best cat movies and cat movies for kids, including That Darn Cat! and the campy classic 'The Cat From Outer Space.' Cats and dogs share the screen too, in excellent kids animal movies like Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, The Adventures of Milo & Otis and the aptly titled Cats & Dogs. You might also like our list of dog movies for kids and Disney animal movies.

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