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The 15 Best Anime With Animal Protagonists, Ranked

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Some of the best shows and movies from our childhood, such as the Disney animation classics, feature animal characters. It's easier to stay engaged when there are adorable, fluffy critters in the mix. But even shows for adults, like BoJack Horseman, use anthropomorphic animals to help integrate absurd humor or clever social critiques into the plot. Whether they're for kids or adults, many can appreciate the use of animal protagonists as a way to dramatize human emotions or to reflect our current social conditions. And there's plenty of anime out there that do just that.

This list ranks the best anime with animal protagonists, including older titles, as well as new animal protagonist anime, like Beastars, that you may not know about. Vote up your favorite ones!

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    Beastars has become a cult-favorite within the anime community for its mature themes and use of social and political satire. The series follows a society of anthropomorphic animals and the tensions that exist between carnivores and herbivores. Legosi is a kind-hearted, timid wolf, although many treat him with fear and distrust because of the stereotypes surrounding his species. And as much as he tries to suppress his wolf-like instincts, everything changes when he develops complicated feelings for Haru, a white dwarf rabbit, and is suspected for killing and eating his friend. This series is a richly imagined world that comments on social status and prejudice, and features complex characters and unique plots.

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