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The Best (and Worst) Animal Based Gimmicks in Wrestling History

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Whether it's big cats, ferocious dogs, birds, bulls, or bees, the wrestling world is rife with animal-based gimmicks. From Japan to Mexico to WWE to the American independents, no wrestling company is complete without a few characters straight out of the animal kingdom. Get ready for some of the best (and worst) animal-based gimmicks in wrestling history!

*For clarification, in order to meet the criteria here, the gimmick itself must be animal-based, meaning they must actually wrestle with the spirit of the animal, feign actually being an animal, or have actual animals as major part of their gimmick. Simply having an animal-related name or nickname (a la Hawk & Animal, or "The Rattlesnake", or "The Rabid Wolverine" isn't enough to qualify).
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