The Best Animated Movies to Watch Drunk

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If you just came home from the bar and need some animated films to watch when you're drunk, you've come to the right place! Rest assured, oh tipsy one, that you'll find plenty of drunk friendly cartoons below. From nostalgia inducing classics to hilarious adult animation, it's all here for you to peruse!  

What are the best animated movies to watch on alcohol? It depends on the type of buzz you're feeling. In a goofy mood? This list includes everything from R-rated cartoon sausages to kid's movies that may suddenly be far more hilarious than you remembered. It's no secret, however, alcohol can lower inhibitions and help us get in touch with our emotions. If you're in need of a good drunk cry, why not try a heartbreaker like Up or The Lion King to get those cathartic boozy tears flowing? 

Please watch responsibly and be sure and vote for your favorites below! 

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