The Best Animated Shows On Amazon Prime

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From kids to adults, everyone can enjoy a nice animated TV show, and there's plenty available on Amazon Prime. From stop-motion series to your classic cartoons, there's really something for everybody. In fact, some of the top animated shows have made their way onto the Prime streaming list, such as the ever-loveable Spongebob Squarepants. You'll even find some popular anime series. 

So, what are the best animated shows on Amazon Prime? Beyond just favorites like Kung Fu Panda and Shaun The Sheep, that first aired on other networks, there are new Amazon cartoons such as Invincible and Undone that are original to Amazon Prime Video. There are plenty more animated series, but as far as the best series go, that's up to you as fans to decide. Whether you're seeking out a show for yourself or need something new to watch now with the kids, you can find it right here, ranked by fellow fans. 

Take a look at this list of Amazon Prime cartoons and animated series and vote up your favorites accordingly.

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