The Greatest Animated Superhero TV Series Ever

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Vote up your favorite superhero cartoons that prove capes aren't just for movies.

The greatest animated superhero shows are amazing works of art that typically don’t get as much attention as superhero blockbusters—though they should. Animated superhero shows have great storylines that intertwine multiple episodes. That isn’t to say all superhero cartoons are good though, as more than a few are pretty terrible. So to find out which ones are the best, fans have voted for their favorite animated superhero shows in the ranking below.

Don’t be surprised to find a ton of '90s superhero shows below as that was a golden age for animated superhero cartoons. Before movies like X-Men, Iron Man, and Batman Begins made superheroes chic in the 2000s, they were seen mostly as entertainment for geeks and nerds. In the '90s, even the best superheroes ever struggled to get movie made. Thankfully, cartoons are a medium that lends itself to telling superhero stories as they are cheap to produce, no matter how wild the content on screen needs to be. And, despite all the trappings of childhood, the flexibility of animation also has allowed for some of the darker superhero series that have aired.

Be sure to vote up your favorite animated superhero shows so other fans can learn which cartoons are the most super. No matter how you watch them though, the best animated superhero shows below are worth days if not weeks of entertainment.

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