The Best Animation Channels On YouTube

With sophisticated software now readily available for millions, these animation YouTubers show that you can make quality cartoons from the comfort of your laptop. What interests you? Slice of life humor? Satirical takes on popular televisions shows and movies? Cats? For all you cartoon junkies out there, animation YouTube channels allow you to choose from a wide range of animated content until you find something perfectly suited to your tastes! 

Animation videos on YouTube are not bound by the traditional rules of the airwaves, making for some oddball content you won't find anywhere else online. From bizarre short form videos about niche topics to rather off color humor, animation channels offer an eclectic display of cartoons. Some YouTubers let their own personal interests carry over into the animation. You may find avid gamers who animate, creating content that's either a loving homage to or scathing parody of their favorite games. Cat lovers may make cat cartoons for your viewing pleasure. Some of your favorite animation YouTubers are also considered some of the most popular young YouTube stars, too.

Who are the best animation YouTubers? Vote your favorites to the top of the list below and feel free to add anyone you think is missing! 

Photo: TheOdd1sOut / YouTube
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  • Jaiden Animations
    3,030 votes

    Jaiden Animations

  • TheOdd1sOut
    3,290 votes


  • SomeThingElseYT
    2,262 votes


  • Let Me Explain Studios
    1,710 votes

    Let Me Explain Studios

  • Domics
    2,015 votes


  • Ginger Pale
    1,428 votes

    Ginger Pale