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The 15 Greatest Anime About Angels

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Angels might not seem like a prime topic for anime. Though Christianity isn't unheard of in Japan, it's not widely practiced. Nevertheless, there are quite a few anime with angels in them. If you can't get enough of these heavenly beings, this list might help guide you toward a new favorite show - or remind you of an old series that you used to love. 

Some of the best anime about angels feature angels in the conventional sense - they come from heaven, they have halos and white fluffy wings. But anime often takes creative liberties with the concept of angels. For example, the angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion are space monsters that need to be defeated using giant mecha, and the angels in High School DxD are a lot sexier than anything the Bible intended. If you want to see angels get weird, there's plenty to choose from. 

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    The world of angels is a dangerous one in High School DxD. Issei Hyoudou is a lewd high school student whose main goal in life is to build his own harem. When a gorgeous woman asks him out, he thinks that his wish might be coming true - but she turns out to be a fallen angel bent on taking his life! Rias Gremory, an equally beautiful demon, revives him as her servant, throwing him headlong into the world of dangerous conflicts between angels and demons. 

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    Heaven's Lost Property

    Tomoki Sakurai has a recurring dream about angels that regularly brings him to tears. With the help of his friends, he discovers that his dream might be connected to an unidentified floating object in the sky called the New World. On the day that Tomoki plans to observe the New World, a strange winged girl comes crashlanding out of the sky and into Tomoki's life. What follows is a surprisingly deep - but also sufficiently sexy angel-themed harem anime. 

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    Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime that's rife with religious imagery - including angels. In this renowned series, angels aren't winged beauties, they're bizarre monsters from space that can take nearly any form from a gigantic cube in the sky to a kind, loving human form.  Because these angels present a threat to humanity, people battle them using mecha. The show vacillates between high-stakes action and deep philosophy, resulting in an absolutely stunning series that's a must-watch for any anime fan. 

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    Gabriel Dropout

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    In the world of Gabriel Dropout, angels are expected to spend time among mortals in order to better understand them and apply that knowledge toward their work. When Gabriel White Tenma, an angel at the top of her class, makes her way to Earth, she has every intention of doing just that. But her lofty goals quickly fall by the wayside when she discovers video games, anime, and other aspects of otaku culture. The once ambitious angel is now a dropout - which means that her life will soon be filled with other angels trying to steer her back toward the right path, as well as demons who would love for her to keep on slacking off. 

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