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The 15 Best Anime About College Life

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Anime is a medium with the power to appeal to people of all ages. Despite its wide audience, the vast majority of shows center around high school students. While there's nothing inherently wrong with telling these stories, some fans might be looking for something a little different - especially those fans who have graduated from high school and don't exactly feel like looking back. 

High school anime has plenty to offer in terms of clubs, teachers, and social microcosms, but if you want to experience those things through the eyes of characters who are no longer children, there's college anime. Anime set in college is rare, but it offers a window into a life experience shared by countless anime fans.

What kinds of storylines can be found in anime about college? Just about anything. Run With The Wind is about a college student who tricks his classmates into running a marathon, while Steins;Gate is about college students who accidentally invent time travel. Whatever sort of story you're looking for, if you want to watch an anime that depicts college life there's something you'll enjoy.

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