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The 15 Best 'Military Moe' Anime About Cute Girls In The Army

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One of the great things about anime is that it has subgenres which simply don't appear in any other kind of media. American pop culture is filled with war movies, and some of those movies even have attractive female soldiers - but there's nothing that really compares to the military moe genre, which takes exceptionally cute girls and gives them guns, tanks, fighter jets, and more. 

Most of these anime about military girls are light-hearted and cute series that focus less on the gritty trauma of realistic warfare and more on giving the female characters a chance to be adorable in unconventional ways. There are a few exceptions that are darker in tone, like Gunslinger Girl, but by and large, the genre is a cheerful and positive one.

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    If you want to watch a military moe anime with a sports anime flair, try out Girls & Panzer. In this anime, Senshadou is a traditional sport that was created after WWII played by female participants. It involves tank based battles and is wildly popular all over the world. Miho Nishizumi, who comes from a long line of Senshadou players, wants desperately to avoid the sport, so she enrolls in a school that she thinks has no Senshadou program - but she quickly finds herself being dragged into the new one that's just starting up.

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  • Due to a series of natural disasters, most of Japan has been submerged underwater. What's left of the nation is protected through fleets of Naval Ships. One group that stands out is the Blue Mermaids, an all-female group of Navy professionals. Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School helps prepare for a career defending Japan. Things seem to be going well for Akeno Misaki and Moeka China, two childhood friends and students who are put in charge of their own fleets. But when a navigation problem leaves Akeno's fleet, the Harekaze, stranded, she and her crew will have to figure out how to survive.

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    Strike Witches zeroes in on an alternative history of the world after World War II. In this world, World War II was caused by an alien invasion. The aliens, called Neurois, are in control of most of planet Earth thanks to the miasma that poisons any human unlucky enough to breathe it in. The miasma can't travel across the water, so a group of witches carrying massive weapons fight the Neutrois above the ocean.

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    Seishou Academy might just be one of the weirdest schools in anime history - but it's also kind of awesome if you're a fan of cute military girls. The students at Seishou Academy are actually the human embodiments of various gun models, such as FNC and M 16A4. Upotte! follows these students as they learn to be the best weapons they can possibly be - with the help of their very confused teacher, Genkoku.

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