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The 13 Best Anime About Gambling

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Gambling may not be the most common subject for anime to address, but when it does come up, it makes for some fascinating stories. One of the most popular gambling anime is Kakegurui, a series that focuses on wealthy private school students engaging in high-stakes games of chance. While this recent smash hit ranks among the best, it's not all there is to the world of anime about gambling. There's also One Outs, a psychological thriller about betting large sums of money on baseball, and Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, a show about a directionless man suddenly thrust into the world of underground gambling. 

Which of these gambling anime are you adding to your to-watch list? 

  • Photo: One Outs / Madhouse

    Toua Tokuchi is a professional athlete who spends his time playing One Outs, a simplified version of baseball. When he's scouted by a member of a pro baseball team, the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons, his future seems assured. But the owner of the team doesn't exactly see Toua's involvement as a financially solvent solution. Toua convinces him by offering him a deal - for every out he pitches, he'll earn 5 million yen, and for every run he gives up, he'll lose 50 million. A single game could ruin Toua completely - but the thrill of risking everything is what he lives for.

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    Alice in Borderland

    Photo: Alice in Borderland / Silver Link., Connect

    Ryouhei Arisu is a high school student who has little to no interest in his ordinary life. One day, he's shaken out of his nihilistic depression when a gigantic firework transports him and his friends to a strange world called Borderland. There, the residents are all engaged in a high stakes game where participants gamble on their very survival. For the first time in years, he actually starts to feel like his life has meaning. 

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  • Photo: Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness / Madhouse

    Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness tracks a talented mahjong player from his early days as a preteen criminal to his rise toward legendary status as he defeats members of the yakuza with ease. But the story doesn't end there - at the height of his glory, Akagi mysteriously disappears. What became of him? Will he return to take on the rest of the yakuza and his rival Iwao Washizu? You'll have to watch to find out.

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    C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

    Photo: C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control / Tatsunoko Production

    Money is the most important in Kimimaro Yoga's life whether he likes it or not. While he can barely scrape together enough money to eat, his friends are living in luxury. One day, he gets a strange offer from a visitor named Masakaki. Masakaki wants him to come to the Eastern Financial District, a place where he can have as much money as he wants if he's willing to trade away his "future" - whatever that means. He reluctantly accepts and becomes an Entre, someone who is expected to participate in repeated bouts of gambling. While the Eastern Financial District is technically part of another dimension, what happens there has more consequences for the real world than Yoga expects it to. 

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