The 10+ Best Anime About Illness

It turns out there are some great anime about illness and its ripple effects, but which are really worth your time? This list ranks the best anime that center on illness, even tackling character death, including older titles, as well as new illness anime that you may not know about.

One example of a great illness anime is Your Lie in April, which was adapted by A-1 Pictures in 2014. It tells the story of a piano prodigy who after years of shutting out the world rediscovers music and in the process love. He believes his love is unrequited, and only learns the truth after his love is lost to illness. So popular is this story that a live-action version has also been made. Another good anime about illness is Hantsuki, or Looking Up At the Half-Moon, a tale of two teenagers who meet while hospitalized.

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Ranked by
  • Your Lie in April
    39 votes
    Drama, Music, Romance
  • Isshuukan Friends.
    4 votes

    Isshuukan Friends.

  • I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
    4 votes
    Slice of Life, Drama, Romance
  • ef - a tale of memories
    3 votes

    ef - a tale of memories

  • Looking Up At the Half-Moon
    4 votes

    Looking Up At the Half-Moon

  • Mushishi: Hihamukage
    3 votes

    Mushishi: Hihamukage