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The 20+ Best Anime With Motorcycles, Ranked

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It turns out there are some great anime about motorcycles and those who love them, but which are really worth your time? This list ranks the best anime featuring motorcycles, including older titles, as well as new motorcycle anime that you may not know about.

One example of a great motorcycle anime is Kino's Journey, which originally aired in 2003 and paired protagonist Kino with the talking motorcycle Hermes. Two short films have also been made based on Keiichi Sigsawa's original series. Another more recent anime about motorcycles is the TV adaptation Bakuon!! (translation: Roar!!), which followed Hane Sakura and her days at the progressive Okanoue Girls' High School where all students could ride motorbikes. There are even anime movies included on this list such as the cult-classic Akira since it features biker gangs riding on cyberpunk motorcycles. 

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    Bakuon !!

    Bakuon !!
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    Bakuon!! OVA

  • Kino's Journey
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