The 15+ Best Anime About Rock & Roll

If you love rock & roll, then these anime are definitely for you. You might not think there are enough to make a list out of, but we're ranking the best rock & roll anime series that focus on getting the band together and belting out some crunchy tunes! Some of the more popular anime about forming a band and playing rock music include Beck, Nana, and Detroit Metal City, but as this list shows, there are actually a lot more choices out there than just those. Take Macross 7 for example, or Kaikan Phase. No matter which rock anime is your favorite, vote it up below, or add a series to the list if it's not there already.

Ranked by
  • Beck
    401 votes


  • Nana
    225 votes
    Romance, Slice of Life, Musical
  • Given
    161 votes
    Drama, Music, Romance
  • K-On!
    172 votes
    Slice of Life, Comedy, Musical
  • Detroit Metal City
    128 votes

    Detroit Metal City

  • Fuuka
    105 votes