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20 Anime Bad Boys You Can't Get Enough Of

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Falling in Reverse once asked, "so why do good girls like bad guys?" The pop-punk band's question missed the mark by a little - people of all genders and qualities love bad boys - particularly when they're anime characters. 

Some anime bad boys are relatively harmless, but give off an aura of danger and mystique - either that or they aren't mysterious at all, but use anger and aggression to hide their deeper insecurities. A few aren't even "bad" per se - they're just rockin' that wild aesthetic. Meanwhile, some of them are actually villainous - which is exactly what makes them so compelling. They're sexy, they don't play by the rules, and they're layered. Often, these characters have excellent motivations for their less-than-ideal behavior - but even when they don't, viewers still want to know what makes them tick. 

Which of these characters is the best anime bad boy? That's up to you. Vote up your faves to let your voice be heard. 

  • Photo: Fruits Basket / TMS Entertainment

    Sure he's constantly getting into fights and transforms into a freaky monster, but Kyo Sohma secretly has a heart of gold. The contrast between his behavior and his true feelings are part of what makes him such a great character. 

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  • Photo: Free! / Kyoto Animation

    Rin Matsuoka is Haru's rival and childhood friend. He begins the series aggressive and cocky - but he also cries, repeatedly. The great thing about anime bad boys is that you get to see a full range of emotions, a criteria Rin absolutely fulfills. 

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  • Photo: My Little Monster / Brain's Base

    Not every anime bad boy is an excessively violent villain - some are just surly boys with emotional baggage. Haru Yoshida is the latter - while he can be soft and loving, he also has a tendency to get into fights and misunderstand others due to his own difficult upbringing. 

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  • Photo: Black Butler / A-1 Pictures

    It's hard to get creepier than a demon who collects the souls of children - but it's also harder to get hotter than Sebastian Michaelis in a butler uniform.

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