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The 15 Best Anime Bosses You Would Totally Work For

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When it comes to fictional bosses, most of them feel more villainous than virtuous, at least towards the protagonists. Perhaps because conflict feels more engaging than harmony, many lackluster anime bosses suck at their jobs. Despite this trope, plenty of amazing anime bosses exist in a variety of series ranging from comedic roles to serious ones.

Great anime bosses work in all sorts of places. They could stand at the top of a tiny odd-jobs business that often ends up fighting aliens, like Gintoki Sakata from Gintama. Or maybe they work as a high-ranking official in Hell, like Hozuki from Hozuki no Reitetsu.

Not all awesome bosses would be easy to work for, but, in the words of a good boss, nothing good ever comes easily, right?

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    Sadao Maou Is Devilishly Ambitious In 'The Devil Is A Part-Timer!'

    Sadao Maou spent most of his existence ruling over Hell, so when he finds himself ruling over a McDonald's knock-off called MgRonald's as an assistant shift manager, he decides to become the absolute best assistant shift manager of any fast food establishment ever.

    Not only does Sadao devise great plans to save money and drum up business, he also motivates the rest of his team to bring their best to the job. While working in fast food isn't most people's dream, it feels a heck of a lot more fun with a with a boss like Maou.

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  • Yoshimura runs Anteiku, an organization with dual purposes. On the surface, Anteiku appears to be an ordinary coffee shop, but it actually serves a much more important purpose.

    Anteiku provides refuge for ghouls who can't or don't want to hunt for their own food. In exchange for working in whatever capacity they can manage, Yoshimura supplies these ghouls with the food they need to survive, most of which is scavenged without resorting to murder.

    While most mortal candidates would avoid this proposition, if you are a ghoul, Yoshimura is a lifesaver. 

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    Nezu Makes Time For One-On-One Reflection In 'My Hero Academia'

    Nezu presides over UA High School as the principal, which means he oversees a massive organization dedicated to training and educating future professional heroes. Not only that, Nezu must also juggle the schedules of employees who almost all have second careers as pro heroes, a job that disrupts classes at a moment's notice. 

    Oh, and he needs to gain outside respect and support while existing as a giant talking rat.

    Despite the enormity of Nezu's tasks, he still manages to makes time to guide and advise his employees on an individual basis, because a school can't run if teacher morale falls too low. 

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    Levi Ackerman Helps His Team Retain Their Humanity In 'Attack On Titan'

    Though not the most enjoyable person to spend time with, Levi Ackerman makes for an incredible leader.

    Sure, he forces his team to spend hours cleaning their quarters, but that's a great way to make them feel like they're human beings who need to retain high standards of living while besieged by giant monsters.

    His priority is always the well-being of the Survey Corps, which sometimes means canceling a Titan-killing mission at the last second when he knows it's futile. Despite Levi's gruff, exacting nature, his troops know he cares for them deeply. 

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