The Best Butlers in Anime

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The best anime butlers are exceptionally doting, always ready with tea, a biscuit, and probably a larger than necessary lunch. Their fierce loyalty and unwavering attachment make butlers in anime among of the most likeable characters in their respective series. Impeccably dressed and always well groomed, these butlers watch over their young master or mistress like an impervious, yet immaculate statue. Though they lie wait in the background, quite a few  of the coolest anime butlers aren't afraid to take the stage, or some lives if the situation calls for it.

Often the right-hand of their master who will do anything asked of them, anime butlers bond so tightly with their bosses you might think they're under contract (well, there might be one exception). Some of these butlers come equipped with supernatural abilities, and other times they simply are just naturally badass. These suited attendants are skilled in many areas, making them as versatile as characters as they are employees: from dining to fighting they can always be counted on to serve up something good.

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  • Sebastian Michaelis
    979 votes
  • Watari
    509 votes
    Death Note, Death Note
  • Agni
    576 votes


    Black Butler
  • Shiro Ashiya
    357 votes

    Shiro Ashiya

    The Devil Is A Part-Timer!
  • Sōshi Miketsukami
    313 votes
    Inu x Boku Secret Service
  • Gotoh
    283 votes


    Hunter x Hunter