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The 20+ Greatest Anime Trios Of All Time

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The best things come in threes, and characters are no exception. Some of the best anime series have main characters who come in trios, and that's for a lot of reasons. In any given situation, three characters add more dynamics to each relationship. If there are only two characters, there is only one relationship. But with three, you've got a whole slew of connections, as you've seen with any anime with a trio of characters. 

While most character trios presented in anime are made up of good guys, others are made up entirely of villains.  Some are even made of both heroes and villains together. Regardless of the alignment of the individual characters, these are some of the greatest anime trios of all time. If your favorite trio is on this list, make sure to upvote them! If you don't see your favorite trio and think they deserve a spot on this list, add them at the bottom. 

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