The Best Anime Characters That Wear Glasses

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If you think glasses don't make someone cool, then you definitely watch anime. Here are the greatest anime characters that wear glasses, as voted on by fans like you. Glasses in anime can do different things for different characters. Whether it's a man or woman, they often make the character look sexier and more confident. It's not uncommon for villains for wear glasses, as it gives the character a more sinister look. Examples of this include Gengo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Aizen from Bleach, and Kabuto from Naruto. When a powerful statement is being made by both heroes and villains, glasses in anime will sometimes shine a reflective light from them that is just downright terrifying. For female characters, glasses always make them look really cute, giving them that innocent geek look that so many men love. Who is your top anime character with glasses? We want you to vote for your favorites below, but we also encourage you to add characters to the poll if you don't see them here already.
Most divisive: Master Roshi
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