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The 20+ Greatest Anime Characters With Ice Powers

Updated July 11, 2020 44.1k votes 7.7k voters 69.0k views30 items

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While many anime characters use different elements for various reasons, very few elements are associated with a specific personality type than ice. Anime ice users in action and shounen anime are typically lone wolves who are calm and collected in the midst of a chaotic world. They usually provide both offensive and defensive support in battle, as ice is one of the most versatile elements to use. 

The characters on this list have mastered their control of ice or the freezing of water to the point where they could be considered the greatest anime characters with ice powers ever. If your favorite made the list, make sure to vote them up so they can get to the top! If you feel like your favorite ice elemental should be here, but isn't, go ahead and add them at the bottom. 

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