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14 Locations in Japan You Must Visit If You're An Anime Fan

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If you give an anime fan a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, chances are they will end up in Japan. Japan is the birthplace of anime, manga, and video games, and hosts a variety of awesome locations you have to see if you're an anime lover. Western anime fans may not be familiar with the country, but have no fear! Compiled here are some must-see attractions for any anime fan visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. 

There's so many great anime tourist locations to visit that it can be overwhelming for any first-timers. They may be overwhelmed with questions like, which anime store has the best selections of anime? Are there museums about manga and the history of animation? Where is the anime theme park? If you're afraid of wasting your time in Japan on wild goose chases, don't worry - this list of famous anime destinations in Japan will have you covered. Check out the awesome attractions below and vote up the locations that no anime fan should miss in Japan.