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The 15 Greatest Anime Dogs Of All Time

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Not every great anime character is human - just look at these wonderful dogs. These canine characters add depth to their worlds and show the animal-loving (or hating) side of their human companions. Along with being great foils for the characters, they're just plain cute. 

The best anime dogs come in many varieties. They can be house pets with big personalities and deep bonds with their owners, like Makkachin from Yuri!!! on ICE. Or perhaps they have a mind of their own, like Pakkun from Naruto

Whether you prefer them on the realistic or fantastical side, you can't deny anime is chock-full of amazing canines. 

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    Though adorable, Akamaru is also a skilled ninja. He and Kiba Inuzuka partner up for missions regularly, destroying their opponents with combo moves like Passing Fang. Whether as a powerful ally or someone in need of a belly rub, Akamaru is a great dog to have around.

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    Ein - 'Cowboy Bebop'

    Ein - 'Cowboy Bebop'
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    Cowboy Bebop wouldn't be Cowboy Bebop without the galaxy's cutest mascot, Ein. After laboratory experiments dramatically increased his intelligence, Ein became known as a "data dog." This means he can do everything from detecting poison to playing chess. He also happens to be a pretty loyal companion. 

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    Black Hayate - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    Riza Hawkeye sometimes comes across as an emotionless soldier, but she's more than just her job. Riza's beloved pet Black Hayate shows viewers her softer side. She absolutely dotes on the dog, and he's just as affectionate toward her.

    Black Hayate is also highly skilled at sensing the presence of Homunculi, which proves quite useful over the course of the series.

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    Den - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    As a loyal companion to the Rockbell family, Den is the most affectionate, loving dog in the world - but anyone she thinks might be threatening her family gets a face full of loud barks. For unknown reasons, Den is missing a leg, but she benefits from Winry's skill at making automail limbs. Her mechanical leg allows her to run and jump without issue.