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The Best Anime Fanfiction Where The Hero Is A Villain

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There's something about hero-turned-villain anime characters that always make for compelling stories. Although most anime protagonists represent the better side of humanity, it's always fascinating to see characters who are led astray by evil temptations. It would be interesting to see how popular anime heroes would act as the villains of the story. Luckily, there are plenty of creative anime fanfiction on websites like Archive of our Own and that explore these concepts. 

What if My Hero Academia's Izuku Midoriya was kidnapped by villains at a young age? What would happen if Naruto Uzumaki swore revenge upon the villagers who despised him? In this list, you'll find the best fanfics where the anime heroes broke bad and became villains. 

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  • A Demon in the Shadows

    A Demon in the Shadows

    by Kuro_tamashi

    Minato seals the Kyubi's power inside his two sons, but something happens which makes him commit a great mistake. Naruto is abandoned, to be hated and despised by the villagers. Until one day Naruto gets a power that could help him to take revenge against those who caused him so much pain.

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  • Enemy Number One

    Enemy Number One

    by nanayoung

    A series of snippits based on the idea that Saitama was considered the number one most powerful villain and a God level threat for years by the entire world... and never knew.

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  • Hero Class Civil Warfare

    Hero Class Civil Warfare

    by RogueDruid (Icarius51)

    Heroes lead by Bakugo.
    Villains lead by Midoriya.
    Seven days prep time.
    Three days for Izuku Midoriya to show why they should be glad he's not a real villain.

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  • The Centipede's Sting

    The Centipede's Sting

    by elegant_malice

    The problem with half-ghouls is that something so unstable is going to break down one day... When Kaneki's ghoul side starts to devour his human memories, Kaneki starts forgetting things. And people. And Touka.

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  • The Demon Fox, Kyuubi

    The Demon Fox, Kyuubi

    by Thundereaper

    What if Iruka had tried to kill Naruto on that night? Where would Naruto be now? 

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  • The Story of Menma

    The Story of Menma

    by Anjelle

    Naruto is a missing-nin, Iruka is dead and nothing is okay. The only one on his side is the 40ft tall demon fox sealed inside him, but for all that Kurama's grumpy, he's pretty good company. The ANBU are after him, too--apparently Konoha doesn't plan on letting go of its jinchuuriki. That's fine. He can take them. Well, maybe 'run away from' is more accurate. And the ANBU have wood release. And the sharingan. That's also fine. He'll manage.

    Naruto is his mother's son, his father's legacy, and Konoha's mistake. But that was never enough to stop him before. He'll forge his own path. He'll make his own mistakes. No one will tell him what to do—not the Fourth Hokage, not the old man, the ANBU or the village.

    Naruto will carve out his place in the world. And if he loses something along the way, maybe that's okay.

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  • Uzumaki Chronicles: The Swirling Tides

    Uzumaki Chronicles: The Swirling Tides

    by AkashXD

    Naruto's twin sister holds Kyūbi's yōki while he holds the soul. Kushina survived and has raised them both to be true Uzumaki. Will they succeed in reviving Uzushiogakure and the Uzumaki clan? Or will they fall before Konoha, Madara and countless other foes?

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  • Transitions Between Good and Evil

    Transitions Between Good and Evil

    by Persistence

    Ichigo attended the Shinigami Academy along with Renji and Rukia, and after was placed in Squad 5 with captain Aizen. How will being close to the soon be traitor affect his judgment or will it?

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  • Looking Glass

    Looking Glass

    by twistedthicket1

    Midoriya Izuku goes missing as a child. No villain is ever held accountable, no one ever brings his mother any answers. For ten years, the only people who remember the quiet, Quirkless boy are Inko and Bakugo Katsuki. They both feel his loss in different, inexplicable ways.

    Eraserhead's been on the hunt for an elusive villain only known by the press as 'Ghost'. No fingerprints, blood, or evidence of any kind can ever be found at the scene of the crimes. All of the villain's cases inevitably run cold.

    Izuku wishes he'd been born Quirkless after all. Maybe then, he could've believed in heroes. Maybe then, he could've turned into someone good.

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  • Kaneki Reborn

    Kaneki Reborn

    by Hydrocell2

    Kaneki Ken, the One-Eyed King, Leader of Aogiri Tree. Follow Kaneki as he suffers through the torture that the CCG had inflicted upon him, not realizing that one day the very same boy they tortured would become the strongest Ghoul in history. KanekixEto

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  • Chaos Rising

    Chaos Rising

    by Sedor

    Aizen always wanted an equal, someone that could stand at his level. The Hogyoku has granted his wish, but has it gone too far? 

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  • Mightless


    by The Mysterious Banana

    It was the final straw. Izuku had been denied by his mother, his classmates, and now even his idol, All Might. Instead, He turns to the Villain side after realizing that many villains actually relate to his problem pretty well. With his knowledge of other heroes, he joins the league of villains to exact his revenge onto the world. Yuuei is his first target.

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  • Kiss me, show me what is heaven while dragging me to h*ll.

    Kiss me, show me what is heaven while dragging me to h*ll.

    by Pastel_becca

    Fate works in mysterious ways. It will never for sure support only the light. When Natsu and Gray were taken to Tartarus, fate had decided what would become of the world. It could've been different, but Natsu doesn't like to dwell on it. He relish on the fact that he's a fire Dragonslayer with a powerful mate and E.N.D. the most powerful demon created by Zeref.

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  • Good and Evil

    Good and Evil

    by Roxas Itsuka

    Izuku Midoriya, having been bullied for most of his life falls into complete despair. However having been discovered by the League of Villains he finds a new reason to live in this world.

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  • Traitor's Blood

    Traitor's Blood

    by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house

    Three years after the titans are mostly pushed back from Wall Maria, Eren Jaeger is lost outside of the walls when a strange titan bit him clean out of the air. A year after that…Eren Jaeger returns.

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  • Tsuyu


    by Links6

    Asta's resolve turned into something Yuno never expected....

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  • A Red Son

    A Red Son

    by Emhalo

    AU Where Goku's pods lands some place other then Gohan's and is raised by Dr. Gero and the Red Ribbon Army. New chapters not from 'A New Hope" are here and a familiar face with it. It's Future Trunks.

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  • heroes of the dark

    heroes of the dark

    by ohmytheon

    Uraraka has spent almost a year grieving the tragic loss of Deku, the hero who was supposed to save the world and the boy she loved with everything in her, but she is slowly moving on, acting as the hero that Deku would want her be. She's got her job, her friends, and her life. She's even managed a strange friendship with Bakugou, who bore the weight of Deku's death almost as hard as her. Things are once again looking hopeful.

    This is, until, Deku comes back into her life and shatters everything she's rebuilt. Except he's not what he seems. Something is wrong with him - with his mind - and Uraraka will be damned if she lets the darkness take him again. If only he agreed with her. If only he wasn't so determined to take her with him.

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  • You can be a Villain

    You can be a Villain

    by Cenonn

    Living a Quirkless life, Izuku hated All Might for crushing his dreams. But a chance encounter with a certain man gives him power beyond his imagination. Now it's time for Izuku's revenge against the society which he once wanted to become part of.

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  • Branching Paths

    Branching Paths

    by SkywardStrike

    Fate is a funny thing. Switch up only a couple pieces and the results can be worldchanging. The Kamado siblings' separation was just such an event, one that led Nezuko to a darker path and turned Tanjiro into a legend reborn. The ripples of their actions, for better or worse, will change the course of history itself.

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  • Enlighten My Darkness

    Enlighten My Darkness

    by BettyBest2

    After years of a shaky peace between the goddesses and demons, something has begun to kill off their numbers once more. To their outrage, tainted beings of sorts are discovered to be the cause. But who is behind those? Two beings, also the strongest of their races, are sent to find out. Meliodas and Elizabeth, next leaders of their realms. This decision isn't one of the wisest. AU.

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  • The old bait and switch

    The old bait and switch

    by FanFiction_Artist_Prototype

    Nobody ever thought quirkless, weak, weird Midoriya Izuku was dangerous.
    This perception carried over to his first year high school class, because really despite the super strength Midoriya didn't have it in him to be dangerous.

    That was their first mistake. And the one that would see them fall.

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  • When Trust Is Lost

    When Trust Is Lost

    by Victorious-Mind

    Ed develops a split-personality that is evil and would hurt people closest to him. Sometimes, Ed turns back to his lovable normal self, but he doesn't remember anything he did when he was evil. Would Roy, Al and the crew will be able to help him before he hurts anyone…or himself? 

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  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

    by Hot_Stuff

    Genos's life is spiraling out of control. Everything is happening so fast, and next thing he knows, is that Caped Darkness is in his life and he needs to seriously re-evaluate his actions.

    A weird tale about the most powerful villain alive, and his cute cyborg hero.

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  • Consumed


    by kittyface27

    Luffy has, for as long as he can remember, had a second being in his head. And this thing is destroying his mind and body. Corrupting him into doing unspeakable things. When he is found by Ace and taken onto the Whitebeard Pirate ship, things get even worse. Can Luffy fight off this being by himself, or will it consume him?

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